How To Logout from an Amazon App (Android)

If you are searching on how to log out from your Amazon mobile app then you have reached the right place. It’s very simple, just follow steps on your mobile phone.

How to Logout-Amazon-Account

Step 1. Open your Amazon App on your Android mobile phone

Step 2. Go to Amazon Account Menu. See image:

Amazon Account Menu icon

Step 3. Once you click on Account Menu, you’ll see the Account settings page, click on “Settings”

Account Settings in Amazon App

Step 4. Once you click on Settings from Account Details page, click on “Sign out” seen at the bottom.

Signout option in Amazon Account App

Step 5. It’ll ask to confirm logout, just select logout option.

Logout confirmation in Amazon App

That’s it and you should be logout completely from your Amazon App from your Android phone. It should be similar in iOS phones as well , if you find difficulty then please comment and I’ll be there to help you out.

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How to Transfer Mobile contacts from iPhone 6 to Oneplus 6

We all have trouble taking backup of mobile contacts whenever we change mobile phone or sim card. So in this article, I’ll show you how I transferred mobile contacts from iPhone 6 to oneplus 6.

Below is the complete tutorial on how to take backup of contacts from iPhone and transfer to Android phone.

How to export/backup mobile contacts from iPhone 6: Connect your iPhone 6 to any MacBook laptop or desktop through the USB port. In this example Mac Air.

  1. Open iTunes from MacBook air > click on the mobile icon (image below)

  2. Click on info > click on sync

  3. Click on summary tab > click on backup now

  4. This will create a file in your downloads with .vcf file.

How to import .vcf file into Google Contacts:

  1. Go to and log in with your Google account details. You can use your Gmail credentials.
  2. After login to Google Contacts, Click more > Click import > click CSV or vCard file

  3. Another pop up opens. Click on go to old version. This will take to an older version of Google Contacts.

  4. Click on “import contacts” > choose file and upload your contacts backup file (.vcf) > click import.
  5. That’s it. You can now go to > click on mobile contacts and search for missing contacts, you’d now see them in the list.

Now when you log in with your Google Account into your new mobile phone, you can see all the contacts are showing in your new phone. Oneplus 6 in my case.

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