It was another awesome session with Himanshu on Remarketing list with the combination of Google Analytics and Google Adwords:

Heres the video of full session on Accelerate Remarketing with Google Analytics:


So as usual, I’ve created some notes below on what all Himanshiu spoke in the sessino, which might be helpful.

Why Remarketing works:
96% of people who visit a website leave without completing the actions
70% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart rather than follow through their transactions
Reconnect with people., remarketing is a way to personalize your advertising and get a second chance to reach p9eople who have to browse your desktop site. Mobile site or app.

How remarking works:
Try to do booking online, if you stop, it will keep on showing ads
If you visit Nike shoes dropped at the specific page, then you’d be targeted again.till you make a purchase.
B2B targeting call to action on the site.
Google analytics plays a very high role.

Connect with more customers than ever before
Example: visit jamaica, google search, you visit eight websites, is stage one so that you’ll book later time,

You’d start seeing ads about the sites you visited .

Which specific resort will you  remember, the one which would keep following you till you buy the product?

You should understand the behaviour of the website. The moment you understand your top of the world, I’m getting the website traffic and marketing the traffic. They’re just on your site and you can target them accordingly. So my remarketing keep on targeting them.

Global tackled is the case study: Companies have got 100% increase in traffic.

Witchfinder ROI increased by 1300% isn’t it amazing. It made it happen by using GA with the Remarketing list. It matters the configuration. The thought should be global and action should be local.

The basic benefits from GA:
Good ROI
Smart list
Specific targeting

How to get better ROI: acquiring channel, goal completed, e-commerce transactions, segment your campaign.
Build a list of users who browse through and added to cart and not bought.
Reach out to a local audience. Ex across India, during festivals, give discounts etc speak their language, add incentives with customer needed.
Earn the love of loyal customers, show them companion ads, cross-selling, additional accessories.

Create and edit your own lists with ease: screenshot
You can actually import some of the remarking lists of bigger lists from other players, they should share the lists with you in order to use it.
We’re using google machine learning to target the users.

Requirement for getting started: screenshot

Adwords linking under the property > create link >
Audience definitions > create remarketing list
Create a remarketing campaign in Adwords that will import analytics list.

we can use Google machine learning language i.e smart list etc

Importing from a gallery: import from gallery > import > import to our linked account AdWords

Concepts: ease of implementation
Choose from over 300 signals screenshot which you can use to optimize and create the list for your remarketing.

Tags should be implemented, should have a gdn campaign dedicated to the particular remarketing list.
Focus on more clicks.
Consider the frequency cap: to avoid showing an ad to the user again.
Ad rotation or ad scheduling when high chances of buying

2. Right strategy: people reached the first page and bounced, went til checkout page and left, every funnel page you should have multiple segments, customer A, B, C
3. Leverage all formats: create ads in all sizes, use text and image ads, make your dynamic when possible, mobile-specific ads,
4. Bid efficiently: use conversion optimizer, pair remarketing with conversions optimizer or ROAS. have competitive bids and adequate budget.
5. Grow your audience: use automatic bidding, it helps your increase your conversion by 20%

Direct conversions: please refer to google for more info
Assisted conversions:please refer to google for more info
Cross-device conversions:please refer to google for more info

There is nothing better for conversions in display advertising than remarketing.

I’ve collected few screenshots during the session which might help you guys:

300 signals casaestudy_rmrtking dynamiccreatives fullvaliueremarktinng google algorithm machine learning how rmtworks implimentatinon_ease remarkting_strategy remrktinglist requirements rmrktingimnproves setup watrchfinnder_casestudy