Facebook has expressed beautifully by adding new emoticons along with its LIKE button.

Well, to start with. We were totally amazed by Facebook’s move. We knew that they were working on something. But, this was actually great. For those, who still are trying to figure out for what we are trying to say. Well, you check your FACEBOOK PROFILE. Because it is going to be a lot more expressive than it was. No big comments and going through an ordeal, just to understand your friends or consumers reactions. Just at the emoticons and you will understand it all. Each emoticon has been for the reaction that it is trying to convey. “Like” you already know about it – the new additions are “Love,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry”.


Facebook has always been working on becoming the search engine and has been trying to replace google ever since. But, they are trying to in a much different way. They have been trying to do that by becoming more social towards their users. Off lately, you must have noticed that Facebook has become quite social by asking you to share the social stuff, or wish on your friend’s birthday, share a particular event such watching a live match etc. etc. Facebook wants to users to interact with the posts and wants the best posts to reach on top. Well, to be frank not every post is likeable. People for long-time have now been asking for a DISLIKE BUTTON. But, Facebook won’t be giving it to them this sooner and has taken a different approach altogether. While based on commenting takes too much of time. Facebook users wanted a quick and easy way to leave their feedback based on the content their friends, business etc. posted and emoji was best bet Facebook had, says Julie Zhuo, A Product Design Director at Facebook. Facebook went on experimentation by gathering a bunch of people in the room getting their inputs on their newsfeed by asking them to use emoticons.

Facebook decided to focus on this sentimental emotion based on how users expressed often. Than Zhuo and her team began to analyse how the Facebook users from around the world would use them towards the platform. They came different emoticons altogether.


Now, that they had variety with. They began to figure out on how to select the final five for its interface that started with Like, Comment and Share. People will traditional yet newly evolved a way of reacting to a particular story. Facebook did make some bold moves in regards with its designs. Some of which were not well received. But, reactions is certainly going to be counted as the best move by the company. Facebook now seems to be looking at the engagement from a user’s perspective and is making it personalized. It is all well done by the social platform and the new reactions will soon integrate with easily into users mind. People after few weeks may even forget that these weren’t even from the start. Your understanding and reaction towards a particular story is going to be very different. You will be able to catch people’s sentiment by the way the react to your story. We must say “It is one good move by Facebook”.