You’ll be Surprised by these Gadgets That Will Break Your Bad Habits
If you have been trying to break a bad habit for many years, technology might finally have come to your rescue. Psychologists have already demonstrated that it is possible to alter an animal’s behavior through association. As a result, a clever inventor decided to utilize this knowledge on human beings. The device is cleverly named after the Russian psychologist who discovered behavior modification.

How it Came About?
The device was invented by a man who is famously remembered for getting a woman to slap him each time he tried to access Facebook. For the time being, there is no known side effect of long-term use of this device. You can use this device when cutting down weight.
For instance, each time you go to the snack bar, the wearable will send a small but meaningful electric shock to your wrist. Over time, your subconscious mind will learn to associate being near the snack bar with something negative. One of the most successful areas this device has been used in is quitting smoking. Not only does it save you money when you quit smoking, but also there are other numerous health benefits.
Besides smoking and snacking, this device can be used for numerous other purposes. For instance, it can help you avoid visiting your favorite bar each day. When you get close to it, the device will switch on and shock you away from there. It can help you avoid bad company; if you have surrounded yourself with friends are not being valuable to your life, you can program it to help you avoid going where they are.
How Powerful is the Zap?
For people with health problems such as heart disease, they might be afraid to try out the device. However, the shock from this device is quite weak. It feels at worst like a sting from a really huge bee. However, it is important to note that the shock lasts for barely a second. In addition, there is a safety mechanism to prevent the device from malfunctioning and shocking you continuously.
For those who tend to sleep excessively, there is a variation of the device known as the ShockClock. This is an awesome device for you if you would like to be on time all the time.  For instance, if you like taking an afternoon nap, you might inadvertently oversleep. This device will ensure that your power nap does not turn into a day without any work done.
The ShockClock has to be worn on the wrist as you sleep. It is then paired with an app on your mobile device via Bluetooth. You will choose when you want the device to wake you up. The device can deliver either a powerful shock of 450 volts or a weak nudge of 50 volts. The shock on this device comes after a momentary delay. Firstly, the device will vibrate to warn you of an imminent shock treatment. If you have grown to hate being zapped, you will rush to your phone and switch off the alarm.
However, this is not as easy as you might imagine. Some people have a tendency of hitting the snooze button. This device ensures that you will have such a luxury.  Each time you try to do that, the ShockClock gives you a nasty jolt that helps you kick start your day early.
Why you should use it?
When we are born, the body comes with an internal mechanism to keep us awake. This mechanism is very powerful. In our ancestors, it helped to ensure that they did not oversleep and miss a potential meal for the day. However, some people have effectively switched off this mechanism. This clock simply helps to revive it.
There are many advantages of waking up at a specific time during the day. For one, it ensures that you have a regular sleep cycle. This has many positive ramifications for your health in the long term. Sleeping late means you will go to bed late, which messes you up the entire day when you have to wake early. As a result, you may suffer from mental fatigue and have less focus on the road as you drive. It also increases your chances of developing insomnia.
The company is currently promoting their latest innovation on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. The device has so far received positive feedback from people who need to break bad habits. Their last device, the Pavlock was a big hit and this variation is likely to be a hit too.
It is important to remember that this device merely assists you. In the instance, that you refuse to follow what it directs you to do, you will not break your bad habit. As a result, you should view it as a switch that will end your bad habits.

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