We had a another great session on Promoting the Mobile Apps by Himanshu.

Here’s the video for the session on how to Promote mobile apps:

Here are the notes taken during the session:

promotion of apps and where to promote apps

making apps in order make people install and use it.
Serve > Delight > Simplify > Perform > Attract

make it fit in a smart phone, make UI with predictable navigation, Streamline information entry, and payments which mean don’t make the user spend a lot of time buying or signing ups, Test for quality and trust, should be more attractive to the users.

Driving downloads and engaging users:

How to market it:

two things – Driving discovery and driving engagement
should be able to find the app in Google App store

Driving Discovery:

Solution1: Advertise app install to users across google’s ad network

1. watch on youtube – advertise or promote on youtube
2. Search – make seo friendly or advertise on Google search
3. Play in Apps – make videos in apps installation page
4. Surf the Web – promote on different blogs
5. Work in Gmail –  advertise on Gmail

solution2: Drive users back into your app, once installed

Advertise through Adwords for your installs through the campaigns:

Driving app installs:

Youtube, AdMob, app store, Gmail, and search
App promotion ads on search often yield the highest quality users and best cost per install.

Apps installs through Admob network:

Youtube app installs:

Gmail installs:

Creating a mobile app install campaign:
select app campaign
select what type of app
choose bidding for app-install campaigns
search targeting: find keywords used by people looking for your app through enhanced keyword planner which has been fine-tuned for apps.

Create app install ads

Install ads are smart, designed to have the greatest impact

my ads will not be shown to two people who have already installed the app.

driving app usage:

Advertise to users who have already installed the app

search gives users information quickly and seamlessly

Search deep linking engages users at moment of intent
when logged in users who have downloaded your android app search and click on an ad for.


Simple, flexible and powerful engagement on the Admob network.

Use Remarketing: screenshot

Create app engagement campaigns:
Mobile app engagement > Play store > create deep linking > use templates to create engagement ads for the Admob network.

Targeting and creating mobile audience
Create understand the keyword search and mobile search volume and get an estimated cost.
Analyze your monthly search volume of keywords and determine which device has the highest search volume for your keyword. Use the traffic estimator tool to determine initial mobile bids. Select campaigns to target the audience

Estimated formula to determine your mobile bid adjustment

Position 1 gets 3x more than position 2 on mobile ads

Advance device targeting screenshot:

extensions: calls, site links, location etc

mobile ad best practices: screenshot:

mobile Landing page experience is very important, so make it responsive.

mobile app business strategy screenshot

Next, we may get a session on App store Optimization (really interesting one)

Please check the screenshots taken during the session:

adwords_install_promote app_offer_unique_ways best_practices building_best_class_app deep linking disocvery1 disocvery2 formula gmail_promotion installs_admob mobile_business_strategy remarketing_apps smart_phones_under_15k starbucks_example targeting device advance various verticals ways_targeting people youtube_installs