It was one more great session by Himanshu on the topic Keyword less Products on Search:

What is it?
It’s basically same as other search ads, however, its an extended version of search ads if you have any site with more number of pages ex:e-commerce where in the ads are triggered based on the pages crawled by Google for better exposure of the your ads in search engine without any keywords.

Let’s check out what is it all about Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) – Keyword less Products on Search – session by Himanshu


Here’s the video of the session:

Random notes taken during session (please don’t curse if something is not clear, recommended to watch video first 😉 )


keyword less product on search
no keywords
15% of queries on are new every day

Advertisers website content is large and dynamic:
Dynamic search ads will help you advertise shifting product inventory and content hidden deep within your website
DSA – if matching keywords, then ads won’t show up, but in DSA, with no keywords, Google will crawl website content and specifically see if any landing pages are related or mapped with a search query, it dynamically generated headlines.

Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads:
-15% of my keywords give 85% of traffic
– no need to create separate campaigns for new added seasonal products.

15% more clicks
32% lesser CPC
23% higher CTR
79% of DSA ads traffic is incremental.

-Use DSA categories based on your website content for better targeting
once this triggered by a search query, your ad will show to the user.
eg, baby, electronics, clothing, furniture and home.

case studies

FC_MOTO_DSA_CASE_STUDY mytour_DSA_casestudy PMG_DSA_case_study trivago_DSA_case_study virgin_DSA_case_study Vueling_DSA_case_study

DSA flow:

drag and drop
a single click can see full segments

using dynamic tracking URLs
1. check if your third party tracking URL works with DSA

The ad headline will automatically be generated from the page URL
description, you can mention as you like

Optimization best practices:

utilize -ve keywords
combine dSA and RSLA
bid manually
try it now

is google killing the keywords?
yes and no because google is trying to show ads based on the behaviour/intention of the consumer.

Q&A from the Guests who have attended this session:

How all web pages & categories segment work together? What’s the use of selecting all web pages here?
Google will crawl all the pages, and any searches match to any pages will trigger for DSA and if you select the particular category, then other categories will not trigger.

If we add some categories in DSA but they are not on our website, will the ad trigger for the same?
categories are auto populated.

start using negative keywords as a good DSA optimization.

how to make a remarketing list?
you don’t create the separate list, you can use the existing list.

DSA is beneficial for e-commerce only or for all type of websites?
useful for all types of sites, but it makes more sense to use for commerce as it has more categories and pages.

DSA is giving good CTR but my Conversion rate has dropped(as compared to my keywords based campaigns), Any specific suggestions to improve the conversion rate of DSA?
people come to the landing page but don’t take further action. could be a reason that
– the landing page may not be responsive
– the problem in segmentation : page title description or content may differ from the way it’s been shown.
– disjoint between the content needs to be taken care.
– so its best for e-commerce or hotel or travelling website ? or for financial website good?
DSA is always better for the sites with more number of pages. as the normal search ads may not cover all the content from your site.


Guys hope this helps! If you’ve any additional points to add or discuss, feel free to contact me on hangouts or drop me an email yasamrao at gmail.