Samsung Galaxy Note series has done very well in the market even since the beginning. With the S-pen, the Note has turned out to be the best tool for use! Each successor seems to be only getting better and of course adding up to the already existing style and design of the Smartphone!

samsung galaxy note 6

Having eulogized the phone so much, let us now have a look at the built and design of the Galaxy Note 5!

Design: The Smartphone as always has maintained the size but has now only got slimmer with the metal and glass touch to it! Use the S pen over the flat surface as the phone perfectly fits into your hand!

The 5.7” Super AMOLED display shall be your companion forever! A new rumor comes into tech world that next Samsung’s Note- Galaxy Note 6 will come up with touch and pressure sensitive 3D display.

S Pen: The S pen has remained the highlight for Galaxy Note and it indeed makes using the device easier as well as better. One never says a no to it!

Charging: With the Smartphone and the S pen, you surely will not wish to worry about the charging. After all, it takes not much time to pass time with the lethal combination of these two! Samsung has is all sorted for you. With fast charging options and also a longer battery life, you no longer have to constantly look up the battery.

You can avail wireless charging and fast charging options! A 3,000 mAh battery calls for a perfect count!

Camera: Pictures are much better when taken from a Galaxy Note 5! Click the scenic beauty or capture those special moments; it is all right here for you. Videos and images can never get better!

With a 16 MP primary camera and 5 MP front shooter, you will enjoy photography at its best!

SideSync: Back up your data and notes on your laptop. With SideSync you can connect these two devices and rest assured your emails, message alerts or calls shall never go missed while you’re on the computer!

Celebrate togetherness: All those pictures from the trip last time or images from some party, you can simply have them on your TV and watch it as everyone sits together! Convergence it is!

Galaxy Gifts: Galaxy gifts will be your one stop solution to try the applications for free. It as well includes access to 100 GB of cloud storage at zero cost for a period of two years!

That was all about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! Everything you must know and all the reasons why this be the best!