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Gadgets That Will Break Your Bad Habits

You'll be Surprised by these Gadgets That Will Break Your Bad Habits If you have been trying to break a bad habit for many years, technology might finally have come to your rescue. Psychologists have already demonstrated that it is possible to alter an animal’s behavior through association. As a result, a clever inventor decided to ...

How to Promote Mobile Apps?

We had a another great session on Promoting the Mobile Apps by Himanshu. Here's the video for the session on how to Promote mobile apps: Here are the notes taken during the session: promotion of apps and where to promote apps making apps in order make people install and use it. Serve > Delight > Simplify > Perform > Attract make ...

Accelerate Remarketing with Google Analytics – session with Himanshu

It was another awesome session with Himanshu on Remarketing list with the combination of Google Analytics and Google Adwords: Heres the video of full session on Accelerate Remarketing with Google Analytics:   So as usual, I've created some notes below on what all Himanshiu spoke in the sessino, which might be helpful. Why Remarketing works: 96% of people who visit ...

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) – Keywordless Products on Search – session by Himanshu

It was one more great session by Himanshu on the topic Keyword less Products on Search: What is it? It's basically same as other search ads, however, its an extended version of search ads if you have any site with more number of pages ex:e-commerce where in the ads are triggered based on the pages crawled by Google for ...

Google for Non-profits is now available in 10 countries

              Use it wisely: Help the Needy Google has launched Google for Nonprofits, and is now available in the following countries i.e Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam!  Google is excited to announce that they are continuing to expand Google for Nonprofits in Asia. In partnership with TechSoup servicing thousands of nonprofit organizations in ...

No More Spanish Google News

No More Google News in Spanish This is what Google explains when we go to Google News in Spain We’re incredibly sad to announce that, due to recent changes in Spanish law, we have removed Spanish publishers from Google News and closed Google News in Spain. We understand that readers like you may be disappointed, too, and ...


Tourism companies are turning to travel bloggers as a route into the vast global market of social network users, industry insiders say. At Berlin's ITB tourism fair this week, bloggers and tourism professionals were brought together at a "speed dating" event to swap tips and further their cooperation in a highly competitive sector.
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