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What are Revised Tax slabs In India for FY 17-18

Revised Tax slabs In India for FY 17-18 New income tax slabs for year 2017–18 is :- Income slab———————————tax rate Income upto Rs. 3,00,000————no tax Rs. 3,00,000- Rs. 5,00,000————5% Rs. 5,00,000-Rs. 10,00,000————20% Rs. 10,00,000 or more——————30% Rs. 50,00,000———————30% + 10% surcharge Rs. 1 crore—————————30% + 15% surcharge And when total income exceeds Rs. 1 crore there will be a surcharge or 15% of income ...

5 common personal loan mistakes to look out for

While applying for a personal loan is easy, there’s still scope for making mistakes. Here’re 5 common ones you should watch out for. Paying extra attention to the minor details while availing of a personal loan can help you save big on both time and money. Hence it’s very important that you avoid all sorts of ...

Comcast strikes deal to buy Time Warner Cable

LOS ANGELES (AP) — With a single behemoth purchase, Comcast is creating a dominant force in American entertainment and presenting federal regulators with an equally outsized quandary: How should they handle a conglomerate that promises to improve cable TV and Internet service to millions of homes but also consolidates unprecedented control of what viewers watch and download?
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