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Google Adwords session on Finding Placements for Display

Finding Placements For Display is our next Hangout on Air. Master how and where to effectively place client ads on the Google Display Network to get the maximum views and increase revenue. Today there was a session on finding placements for display on the Google network sites, videos and mobile apps where you can target your ...

Google Hangout with Himanshu on Converting prospects into clients (for Adwords)

It was a nice session on how to convert prospects into clients (for Adwords) which was taken by Himanshu on Google hangouts today. Here is the video for the same who missed it out. while this session was going, I had taken some notes to save my readers time, trust me this is the first time I've ever ...

Download mp3 songs from youtube on mobile phone without any app

Follow the simple steps on how to download music from youtube to mp3 on phone without using any third party mobiles apps to download youtube videos to mp3 songs: Open Youtube in your mobile phone. Search your favorite Youtube video song Open you favorite Youtube video song Click on the share button which you find below the youtube video  Click ...

Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail Formatting for Mac Users

We struggle to find what are the Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail Formatting for Mac Users,Well below listed keyboard shortcuts will surely be helpful when using gmail in mac systems.I found these after lot Google search and had a thought to share with you guyshope this is helpful for all the mac users. <⌘> + <Shift> + 5 ...

Macbook keyboard shortcuts in Gmail Compose and Chat

How to Compose and Chat with keyboard shortcuts in Gmail if you are using Apple Macbook Many people have struggled lot to find out the keyboard shortcuts for the mac computers while using gmail in their browser. I have collected some of the keyboard shortcuts for the mac user when using gmail account. So here are the Mac ...

Fashionistas worship at the church of Thom Browne

NEW YORK (AP) — After the crowd had been waiting more than a half-hour for Thom Browne's runway show to start on Monday, listening to extremely loud, church-type music, there was finally a sign that things were about to begin. The lights dimmed, and the music stopped.

Travel site deals not always better than hotel's direct rates

A Scottsdale woman says the information she received on one travel site was misleading and the advertised deals weren't available. Here is how to get the best price on a travel site.
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