How to Fix Oneplus 6 Battery Draining Problem

Fix Oneplus 6 battery draining issue:

OnePlus 6 is a big hit after making sales of 100 Crore rupees (15 Million dollars) within the first day of online sale. However, After using the phone for a couple of days and updating to latest software update. The battery was an issue. So many complained battery drainage within a single day of usage and nobody had an idea on how to Fix Oneplus 6 Battery issue.

So I bought Oneplus 6 too and had faced a similar issue and found the solution too. So let me share my experience testing overnight battery drainage keeping phone idle without any usage.

Before going to sleep I took a screenshot of the phone see below:


Next Morning, I checked phone and taken another screenshot:

So there was 27% overnight depletion of battery after checking before sleep and after. It was disappointing.

So I decided to share my issue on a Oneplus community, see my thread;

Oneplus support is so good, they keep track of issues that people face and if you mention any issue in the right thread, support team immediately picks it up and sends you the solution. Isn’t it kool?

A quick solution for the battery drain issue (steps below):

Clearing the cache from recovery could be the best solution for most of the issues we face on Android mobile phones. (Just like restarting the windows computer fixes most issues)

1. Turn the phone off.
2. Hold Power and Volume Down
3. English (or pick any language that you want)
4. Wipe data & cache
5. Wipe cache
6. Yes
7. Reboot

This may look very simple for many but for some it’s hard to find the options mentioned in the quick solution. So follow below guide with screenshots.

A solution for the battery drain issue with screenshots:

Switch off your android phone oneplus 6. Hope you did it at least once after buying a phone. Ok, see image below, just press power button for 5 seconds, and select power off.


After the phone is switched off > hold power and volume down button together for 5-10 seconds.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Here are my phone results after following above procedure:

Before Sleep:

Next Day morning (surprise):

Just 6% drainage, too good 🙂

That’s it and we’re done with deleting cache. Now time to test yourself.

If this article really helped your phone’s battery life, then share with your loved ones and if you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment.

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