How to change zoom background in ipad?

Learn how we can change Zoom background in our iPads. We can either select the pre-set options or personalize it by using our pictures.

Since the pandemic came into the picture, work from home has been the new fad.  All the meetings have been happening from our comfort zones of our rooms or living rooms. And Zoom seems to have become our one stop solution for all our e-meets. So by now, we have become well versed with the app and can tackle all the issues with it.

But at times, the chaotic home background tends to cause disruptions in our professional e-meetings. Be it the messy room, or the family members pacing up and down in the space while we are talking about strategies and client deliverables. Setting aside a separate area for work is something which wouldn’t be viable financially and space-wise for all.

But did you know that Zoom lets us cover our original untidy homey background and change it as per our choice?

Yes, we can! And it’s pretty simple to do!

In just 3 steps, you can replace your messy room’s footage with a professional background of your choice on your iPad.


  1. Once you start or join a Zoom call, click on the ‘More’ option at the bottom right

2. From the drop-down list, select the ‘Virtual Background’ option.

3. Zoom will provide you a plethora of pre-set background options to choose from. Select the one you wish to go ahead with.

And voila, you will have your new background!

But there is more! In case, you wish to have a customised background or you want to give a personalised touch, then, follow these steps-

1. Follow the step number 1 and 2 as mentioned above for the pre-set option.

2. Once the pre-set background options appear, click on the + sign.

3. It will ask you to choose an image of your choice. Select the desired picture from your device.

And boom! You will now be attending your virtual meetings with your chosen customized or personalized backdrop!   

The fact that Zoom helps us to customize our background is one of its USPs apart from the screen sharing option. This is what gives it an edge over the others players in the market.

But unfortunately, not many users know about this feature as the app hasn’t been explored optimally yet.

The best bit is that the background changing feature can be set from not only your iPads but your laptops and PCs too.

Please let us know what are your thoughts about the editable background in Zoom? And if you are already using it, then please share with us your user experience.   

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