How to record a phone call on an iPhone?

Learn about the alternative methods to record your incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone. You can use a recording device with a microphone, Google Voice app services, a third-party merger cum recording app, Rev, or the in-built Voicemail features of your iPhones.

In the digitally connected world, we are flooded with communication all around us and throughout the day. Hence, keeping a mental note of all the points seems impossible. This is where we wish we could record the calls so that we can revisit them later whenever we sit down to edit our documents or to work on the client presentations. We do make notes but penning everything while the call is happening seems to be tedious. We do tend to miss out on the important stuff as we are torn between listening attentively and penning down.

This is where the call recorder feature helps us. It enables us to record all incoming and outgoing calls so that we can focus on the conversations and go back to the recordings while working on the work docs.

While recording a call in Android phones is pretty easy, the same can be a bit tough to be done in our iPhones as they are designed in such a way that they do not possess this feature nor allow the call recording to be done. However, we share with you a few simple hacks which would make this task of recording the call in our iPhones not so impossible.

Read along to learn the various tricks.

  1. The simplest hack is without using any third-party app

The simplest way to record your calls is by using another device. It could be your iPad or another device with a microphone.

All you need to set up this is a peaceful noiseless atmosphere. Keep your call on the Speaker mode of your iPhone. Just set up the Call Recording option on the recording device and keep it close to your iPhone.  

The distance should neither be too close that it interferes with the call, nor it should be too far that the recording isn’t audible.  

Once done, Save the recording on your device.

You just need to make sure that the recording device with the microphone should be of good quality so that the recording is clear and you don’t face any trouble while listening to it later.  

2. Using Google Voice

You can record your calls using Google Voice app in just a few simple steps:-

  • Visit the Google Voice page or download the app for iPhone.
  • Log in using your Google account.
  • Select Search and feed in the new phone number you wish to use for this feature along with area or city code.
  • Click Confirm and then tap Next. Now you will have to re-enter your number.
  • You will receive a verification code.
  • Once received, verify it and your Goggle Voice account will be set up.
  • Visit the Google Voice website. Again sign in with Google account if needed.
  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the Calls option in the center-left side of the screen/page that appears.
  • Turn on /toggle on the Incoming Calls option.

While this method is easy and provides free recording, new phone numbers, and voicemail; the only con this trick has is that you can only record the inbound calls on your iPhone. The outgoing ones won’t be recorded. Also to ensure that the call is recorded, the other caller will have to call you on your Google Voice number and not the original number. Once you answer the call, you will have to input number 4 from your keypad and the operator will inform you about the call being recorded.

The recordings will, later on, be sent to you on your email and will also appear in your Google Voice’s voicemail recordings list. It would be easy to identify the original voicemails with the recordings as the former are the messages of short duration left by the unattended callers and come with a transcription while the latter is of longer duration as they are conversations and won’t have their transcription.

3. Using third party call merging apps:

Yes, you can’t record on your iPhone but you could merge these calls with the third-party apps which would act as a medium and will record and transcribe your calls. The most widely used and go-to solution is the Rev Call recording app.

It offers limitless free recordings, storage, and an option to share the recordings with your peeps too. Also, it records both the inbound and outbound calls and the recordings can be revisited later in the Conversions section.

Follow the enclosed steps to use Rev:

  • Download the Rev app for iPhone.
  • Confirm using your phone number and area code.
  • While this step may seem confusing, the app also offers a free in-built tutorial to assist you in the process.
  • Click on Start Recording Call—>Outgoing Call while making a call.  
  • While making a call, you will have to call Rev first, then call the person you wish to speak to, and finally Merge The Calls just like a normal conference call. The only difference being the third party is not a person but Rev who will be recording.
    Once you have wrapped up the call, Rev will inform you when your recording will be ready to be used.
  • For an incoming call, you have to Accept The Call first and then return to the home screen of your phone.
  • Go to the Rev app and select the Incoming Call option. Receive the call from Rev so that you are connected with the Rev Caller services. Tap the Merge Calls option.

The advantage is that with Rev, you can record both incoming and outgoing calls. Also, the other person will able to view your number and won’t have to dial a new phone number. The recording done by the app will be of premium quality.

The cons of this trick are that the third party has access to your calls and storage. Hence, we advise not using this while discussing confidential or personal matters. Also, it requires a few steps to be followed which can be time-consuming while you would have to be on urgent or impromptu calls which would not have left you scope to follow these steps.

4. Using Voicemail option

This hack can be used only if your carrier services allow its usage. You will have to first check if you are able to download voicemail messages on your iPhone.

  • Open the Phones app. Go to Voicemail. If you have a list of voicemail messages on your screen, then you are good to go. If not, you will have to check about this with the customer care executive at Apple and your cellular networks.
  • Call the person you wish to connect with. Seek their permission for recording the call.
  • Once they agree, put them on Hold. Select the Add Call option to initiate the three-way conversation.
  • You need to call yourself at the same number with which you dialed the other person. You will now be redirected to your Voicemail inbox.
  • Once the Voicemail Greetings end, select the Merge Calls option.
  • Your conference call will now be started and it will be recorded. However, it will be recorded as a message and will be there in your Voicemail Inbox.

Even though iPhone doesn’t allow us to directly record the calls or via third-party apps unlike in Android where you can do this easily, the above-mentioned ways are comparatively practical. They are easy to follow and can be of great help. While they can be a bit troublesome, it all narrows down to an individual’s preferences and style of working. 

But one thing to be noted while using any of the methods is to always seek the permission of the other human caller. We stress on this point because many countries and areas don’t allow recording of the calls without the individual’s consent. Hence, to be on the safe side and to save yourself from legal hassles, it is advisable to always seek permission. For this, you also need to keep a tab on the concerned area’s recording law and order.

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