How to Remove Cobalten Virus from Google Chrome

How to remove Cobalten Virus from Google Chrome Browser without any software from all devices like Android phones,ios iphones or any desktop or macbook.

Most of us are noticing that when browsing through websites on desktop (Windows or macbooks) or mobile phones (android or iphones) especially with chrome browser. suddenly some its redirected to some third party websites. lets dig into it.

What is Cobalten Virus?

It is an advertising service which most of the website publishers are using to generate additional income from their websites. So when user visits any of these publisher websites, the adware programs inject ads to the user browser which is redirected to different websites.

How to remove Cobalten redirects from Google chrome browser?

Mostly people complaining through Google chrome browsers. So I’ve covered only Chrome browsers from all platforms. please follow below steps to remove Cobalten virus:

Steps to remove cobalten on iphone chrome browser:

  1. Open chrome browser and click on three dots as shown in image:
    Go to chrome settings in iphone
  2. Click onĀ  settings:
  3. Select content settings:
  4. Always block pop up options, by default pop up is blocked in iphone:


Removing cobalten from android is similar to iphone:

Just open chrome browser > settings > site settings > pop-ups ad redirects (this option is disabled by default, if its enabled, please disable).

Steps to remove cobalten from desktop chrome browser (should be common for mac and windows OS)

  1. Open chrome browser > click on three dots on top right corner and click settings, see image:
  2. Inside settings > scroll down little and click “advance” option which will expand further > then click content settings:
  3. Under content settings > click on Javascript:

  4. Under Javascript > click Add button next to Block:
  5. Now enter [*.] into the box and click add.


That’s it, now you should not be getting any cobalten redirects in your browser. Happy and safe browsing!. For any further queries, please leave a comment.






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