How to screenshot on iPhone 11

Learn about the two ways to take screenshot on iPhone 11! While one is the traditional way of pressing the Power button and Volume Up key simultaneously, the other makes use of the Assistive Touch option of the phone.

With its upgraded features of face ID, high quality camera, haptic touch features,  iPhone 11 is indeed the king of the lot.  It seems to be the best in terms of user interface, strong hardware and software and the functioning.

However, somewhere despite its various upscaled features, the screenshot capturing tends to be cumbersome as we no longer have a single button just like we had in previous models of the series until the 9th model.  

But did you know that iPhone 11 provides not just one but rather two options of taking a screenshot?

Yes, it does. While, the first way is either by using both hands, the second is by using the Assistive Touch option.

The traditional way of taking screenshots on iPhone 11 (same for iphone and ipad)

  • You will have to press the side button which is also the Power button and the Volume Up button simultaneously. Once you do this, the phone captures the screenshot.

  • It appears as a thumbnail in the bottom left side of the screen for a few seconds.
  • If you tap the thumbnail (which is also known as the preview of your screenshot), your original screenshot appears on the screen. Here you will have the option to edit and crop it. Once done, you can save it by clicking on ‘Save to Photos’.
  • To access the ‘Screenshot’ folder later, you will have to go to the ‘Camera Roll’ option.
  • Here, tap on the ‘All photos’ option, go to ‘Albums’ and you will find a folder by the name, ‘Screenshots’.

This is the location or the folder where all your screenshots are automatically saved.

Capturing screenshot using the Assistive Touch option on iPhone 11

  • First, you need to enable Assistive Touch from the ‘Settings’ option. Go to generalaccessibility assistive touch. Here toggle the option on that is you enable the ‘Assistive Touch’ option.

  • A partial transparent icon will be added to your home screen. This is your ‘Assistive Touch’ button or icon.

  • Go back to the ‘Accessibility’ drop down list, go to ‘Customize top level menu’ option.

  • Tap the star icon which is the custom icon. A list will appear from which select the ‘Screenshot’ option.
  • The screenshot button will now be added to your ‘Assistive Touch’ options.
  • Now, all you need to do while taking a screenshot is to tap the ‘Assistive Touch’ button and the ‘Screenshot icon’ immediately after.

iPhone 11 will take a screenshot and there will be a preview for a few seconds which disappears from the screen but the screenshot is auto-saved in the phone.

To access the screenshots later, you can visit the ‘Screenshots’ folder in the ‘Albums’ folder which is further located inside the ‘Camera Roll/Photos’ folder.    

Indeed the home button is missed, but the placing of the two buttons to be pressed at the same time has been done in a strategic manner to ensure the convenience of the users.   Additionally, the Assistive Touch option is pretty easy to use and comprehend. It enables us to capture the screen grab by using one hand and tapping twice.

What are your thoughts on the missing home button in iphone11? Were you aware that there are two ways of taking a screenshot? Have you tried the Assistive Touch option yet?

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