How to Setup Voicemail on iphone?

Learn about how to set up your voicemail on your iPhone. You can either choose the Default greetings or input your personalised message by recording your greeting.

In this digital era, constant connectivity is the need of the hour. While we are occupied with client meetings or personal commitments, the chances of missing out on important messages is high. This is where the voicemail feature of our mobile phones helps us. 

With the iPhones offering various unique and upgraded features along with upscaled user experience, setting up a voicemail will come to our rescue whenever we will be unavailable and won’t be in a state to receive calls or have conversations. If you are a new iPhone user or didn’t restore successfully from the previous model, then you will have to set up the voicemail again.

The Voicemail feature is beneficial as it helps transfer the audio messages left by the callers and stores them in the phone’s database so that you can revisit them later.

Setting up the voicemail on your iPhone is extremely simple. Here we share with you the procedure to do so in a few steps:-

  • Tap on the Phone icon on your iPhone.  
  • Select the Voicemail option in the bottom right hand of your screen. The symbol for the Voicemail feature is two blue circles with a blue line joining them at the bottom.   
  • A blank screen with the ‘Setup now’ pop-up will appear.

(In case the screen isn’t blank or the pop-up doesn’t appear then that means that your voicemail has already been set up. In such a case go to the Greetings option in the upper-left corner of the screen in the Voicemail option of step 2 and continue the procedure to record your personalized voicemail message from step 6 onwards.

  • In this step, you will be required to set a password. Once you input it in, press Done. You should make sure that the password should be strong enough and should be 4-6 digits long.
  • Now, you will have to re-enter the password. Once you do, again select Done.

You will be automatically directed to the Greetings option.

  • Here you have two options, either to select the pre-set greetings by choosing the Default Greeting or to create your own customized/personalized greeting voicemail message. 
  • Record your personalized greeting using the Record option. 
  • Tap Stop once finished/done. 
  • Select Done or Save to complete the procedure.

Your voicemail has now been set up with your customized greeting and protected by a password. Whenever you need to access the voicemail, you need to enter the password and you can listen to your voicemails.

In case of any confusion, tap Play to listen to the preview of the recorded greeting.

While the voicemail feature is a boon in our fast-paced life, iPhone also provides specialized features of Visual Voicemail using which the users won’t have to listen to the voicemails. Rather they will be able to read the transcribed messages. iPhone’s Visual Voicemail features convert the audio messages into the text format so that you can read them at you per your convenience. But for this, you will have to turn on the text translation feature in the Voicemail option. If your particular model and device provide this feature, then whenever you will be checking your voicemails, the transcripts will appear automatically.

Have you ever used or are presently using the Voicemail feature of the iPhone? Did our steps help you in setting up the procedure?

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