How to Turn On Dark Mode on YouTube App

If we install the YouTube app on android phone or iOS iPhone. Probably we would get annoyed with the white bright screen. So there is a way to change the YouTube background color to dark mode or dark theme. Just check out below on how to turn on dark mode on youtube app.

Below guide will help you to enable the dark mode on YouTube which is inbuilt within YouTube app. Just follow the Steps:

Step 1: Search and open the Youtube app on your android or iphone.

Step 2: Tap on your Account icon, which is on top right side on screen

Step 3: Under Your YouTube Account, Tap on Settings.

Step 4: Under Account Settings > Tap General

Step 5: Under General Settings > Enable Dark theme option.

Step 6: Once you enable, you could see the background will change to Dark mode on your Mobile YouTube app.

Here is how YouTube homepage would look like once you enable/turn on dark mode on YouTube app.

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