How To Make Google My Homepage On Mac

At times it becomes nightmare to find on how to change or make Google as homepage on macbooks, either macbooks pro or macbook air. This easy step by step guide will help you make your safari browser open Google as your homepage every time you open Safari browser.

PS: This guide is only for Safari browser as this is default browser on Mac systems. Follow the steps below:

  • Open Safari browser, you would find the safari browser icon from the bottom dock.
  • Click on Safari > Preferences
  • Click “favorites” next to “New Windows open with”, a drop down opens. 
  • Select “Homepage”
  • Now click url box next to “Homepage”. Currently its ““ > replace this url with “”
  • Close this window. You’d get pop up Stating “Are you sure you want to change your homepage to Google search?” > Click Change Homepage and just close window again. Now it won’t ask again.
  • Close Safari browse. Now reopen Safari browser and you should see Google opening as your homepage on Mac.
  • We’re set now. Hope this was helpful

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